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3 New Year’s Resolutions for Creatives

Time to Shine!

It’s a new year — time to celebrate last year’s accomplishments and to think a little about what you can do to attain your creative goals in your field in 2013! Whether you design graphics, websites, videos, or animations, or whether you specialize in marketing or other creative fields, you probably know that you have to make a special effort in order to stand out in your field. Let’s look at three areas where you can shine so that you can get hired this year!

1. Buff Up Your Portfolio

Improve the professionalism of your online portfolio. This might require a redesign of your current one, or you might want to look around at other online options. Think about what a potential employer would want to see. Besides working on your portfolio’s overall look and feel, you can also add new entries to your portfolio that will impress! For example, take on some nonprofit work or enter competitions that will showcase your skills.

2. Network In Your Field

If you really want to get inspired and find out how things work in your field, attend local meetups related to your desired industry of work. Not only will you leave feeling gung ho, but you will also have met individuals who can help you in your journey to land a job.

You should also use Twitter and blogging to follow trends and add to the discussion yourself. Employers like to see up-and-coming creatives who know the importance of ongoing learning and being plugged in to the industry.

3. Manage Your Time

Spend a little time researching phone apps that will help you to keep your calendar and to-do items straight. (I like CalenGoo, AwesomeNote, and TweetBot.) Set alarms so that you can stay on top of your deadlines. By scheduling time for your tasks, you can do higher quality work on school projects, which will help you land a job with a higher quality portfolio.

Turn off the TV. How many hours could you gain each day if you stopped watching TV? Instead, use your downtime wisely — you could check RSS feeds of articles in your field, do job searches on key terms related to the jobs you’d like to have, or get some needed sleep! If you need a break from looking at a computer, use that former TV time daily to do something fun that gets you out into nature or that gets you off the couch. Play face-to-face games with your friends and family. Be creative in making a conscious effort to spend your newly found downtime in ways that will make you feel energized, balanced, and ready for your next creative venture!

Happy New Year, Creatives! Time to shine!

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