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A few of our favorite things . . . shared by 3D class members

Pixlfest is just around the corner—one of my favorite events of the year! At this event we have an opportunity to network and meet with others across the state to share ideas, resources, and trends about what’s going on specifically related to our creative industry! We get to learn from the best and gain an edge on how we can be our best. Pixlcrew members are really lucky, because we have so many different creatives in one building—it’s like Pixlfest all the time—especially when we share with each other.

Sharing, networking, and collaborating ignite success!

Sharing, networking, and collaborating ignite success!

Sharing, collaborating, and networking with other creatives really propels career success!  

In the spirit of Pixlfest, the 3D class decided to share a few of their favorite resources.

Emorie shared, “ is all great place to get inspired. It’s a site where artist can share their art and be discovered, and their slogan is “Deviantart, where art meets application.” 🙂 I love it!

John nurtures his creativity and gains inspiration from “, because people could become inspired by laws of nature in space.”

Cheryl agreed with Emorie about Deviant Art, and mentioned they currently have a great contest opportunity. Additionally “ I would share FZD School of Design on youtube with Pixlcrew Members.  It’s a great place to learn lots of new skills, especially in Photoshop.  They have lots of tutorials, and give great advice about art, design, and different techniques you can do.  I have learned a lot of new skills from watching their tutorials, and they have really helped me become a better artist.”

Kaity shared:   She stated, “I really like his drawing tutorials. Whenever I am having trouble with something I check his channel for help before I search anything else.”

Nabeel shared: “It’s not a hidden resource, but I’d like to share It is a great place to get fonts that fit the project.”

What about you? What resources do you recommend that help kick start your projects and conquer your challenges?

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