In the PixlCrew, each student has their own self-expression and ideas to help their peers push the envelope. The PixlCrew is made up of students from 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Audio & Video Production, Graphic Communications, Marketing and Professional Sales, Programming and Software Development and Web Design & Development.

The PixlCrew is supported by these fearless instructors:

Liz Dinkins – Graphic Communications

This year Liz will start her eighth year of teaching. She always knew, if she was going to teach, it had to be technology! She loves the ever changing aspect of technology and she enjoys being an continual learner.

Liz has one step-son, Blake, and is expecting another son in December. She has been married to her husband for three years, and has two yapping dogs, T-bone and Sweet Pea. Being an avid OU Football Fan, the Monday after a win is always a good day! She has also become quite the Thunder fan over the past few years, Thunder UP!

Liz is very excited about her new journey in Graphic Communications, and can’t wait to explore the new course work.

Sherri Gleaves – Audio & Video Production

Sherri has been an educator for 17 years. Formerly she taught at U. S. Grant High School (her alma mater) in south Oklahoma City for 11 years. Currently she is beginning her 7th year at Francis Tuttle. Her career at Francis Tuttle began at Deer Creek High School where she taught the areas of Video Production, Computer Repair & Maintenance, and Graphic Communication. Sherri is excited to now be on the Rockwell campus where she can devote herself full time to the areas of Video and Audio. She looks at this as an opportunity to help students achieve their dreams!

Sherri loves learning! Her objective would be to instill that same love of learning in all her students! As a matter of fact, she frequently tells her students that if she could teach them anything, it would be “how to learn to learn.”  Growing up, she knew she always wanted to be a teacher. Instead of playing dolls like most girls do, she played school! She practiced “school” frequently, getting her neighborhood playmates to be the students in her “classroom .”

Sherri is the mother of two grown sons and also a grandmother. Her husband, also an educator for 39 years was her high school sweetheart. They have been married almost 40 years! Her education was obtained through OCCC and UCO (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees). She is also a National Board Certified teacher. She loves being a part of the career tech system, fully believing it is the best option in education for students and a great place to grow as an educator, as well.

In free time, Sherri enjoys the lake, snow skiing, gardening, and her schnauzer, Callie!

Kristen Harris – Online Web Design & Development

Kristen started working on websites in the mid-nineties when she was a brand new technical writer in the energy industry and soon set up her own website for promoting her freelance doll art. Now, after several years of teaching persuasive, analytical, and creative writing at the high school level, she has become passionate about the process of building great websites and is currently excited about learning and teaching WordPress and the technologies related to using it as a Content Management System.

In her spare time, she enjoys painting, swimming and doing art and cooking projects with her children, and spending time with her husband, Kelley, who is also a computer nerd and who shares her love for Thunder basketball!

Certifications include Adobe Certified Associate Educator and National Board Certified Teacher.

Michelle Moore – Graphic Communications

Michelle is an enthusiastic software geek who has been teaching full-time at Francis Tuttle for four years and part-time for longer than that.

Likes: Adobe, Apple, hot yoga, “Hoarders”.
Dislikes: stretching a graphic and people who are afraid of white space.

She is from Stillwater, and has an undergraduate degree from OSU, a Masters degree from OU, and teaching certification from UCO – she will root for any Oklahoma team unless OSU is playing OU – then it’s “Go Pokes!”.

Dana Myers – 3D Animation & Visual Effects

Make it epIK! Doing so involves an enormous investment of passion and effort in everything you attempt. Doing so generates huge benefits and substantial results, not to mention great memories! Watching her students do this is what makes her LOVE her job.

She considers her job as the best job in the world! When you love what you do, it’s not work. She gets to learn something new each day and enjoys challenges–which fits well with what she does ☺. In her spare time, she loves spending time with family and the outdoors.

This year, she’s extremely excited about epIK Dimensions, a 3D ProDUCKtion studio that features a state-of-the-art 3D printer and a motion capture studio for our students! Whatever you wish to achieve, make it epIK!

Dana is an Adobe Certified Associate Educator and a National Board Certified Teacher.

Waleed Salim – Audio & Video Production

This year is Waleed’s first year of teaching. Waleed comes to Francis Tuttle after working in the television news industry for more than 16 years.  He covered a variety of events ranging from news, weather and sports. The passion he has for video production led him into the teaching profession.  And not to mention his mother and two brothers are teachers as well.

Waleed is married and enjoys spending quality time with his wife and family.  If he’s not grading papers you can bet he’s probably keeping an eye on a sporting event.  An avid sports fan, he’ll cheer for the Cowboys and the Sooners as well as the Thunder.

Christy Whitfield – Web Design & Development

You can often hear her saying “Did you Google that?” She’s been teaching web design and development for many years. She remembers the days of Netscape and table based layout. She is excited that the web is constantly changing. Without Google, she would not be successful in this job! She believes learning should be fun! Therefore she is always sharing some chuckles with her students. If you can’t laugh at yourself or with someone, you are missing out! In 2012 she left teaching for two months to go into the web industry, she enjoyed the industry but realized teaching was her passion and returned to the classroom.

Her motto is: If you believe it, you can achieve it. If you dream it, you can become it.

When she is not trying to keep up with changes in the web world, she enjoys spending time with her dogs! Of course, she has been roped into doing her neighborhood website and redesigns her class website every year. Several years ago, she also worked as a freelancer Web Designer, one site is still up unchanged: The Garage Loft .

Christy is a Master CIW Designer, Adobe Certified Associate Educator and has certified in Oracle’s 9i SQL. She is also a National Board Certified Teacher.

Interested in joining the PixlCrew?

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