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Are You Wacky? Live a life worth living!

This year I purchased a new calendar that challenges you to be . . . your BEST VERSION OF YOU!

We all have a certain amount of “wackiness” and free-spirited notions within us–this is where creativity thrives!  This is the place where young children frequently score in the “creative genius” category. As we age, however, we begin to fear judgment and criticism. It is during that time that we ourselves also become more critical and judgmental. January delivers the following lesson:


“We all have within us a free-spirited, wonderful wacky attitude that makes our lives colorful, exciting, and fun. It inspires us to write an upside-down, inside-out version of our own wacky fiery tale, filled with fascinating characters, plenty of action, and plots that twist and turn.

We sometimes mistake that wild, unbridled energy for chaos and confusion and allow critics to cut out the best scenes in our story. The whole process stifles our passions and dulls our sparkle, and we no longer fully cherish our lives.

Well not anymore! This is the year, and now is the moment. Rekindle your passions, and multiply your talents. Embrace your inner wackiness and redefine your world. Stand up for something worth fighting for, and confront the dragons of the world . . . especially if they scare you. Make a difference in someone’s life, and in the process, you’ll change your own.

Don’t wait for “a better time.” It’s your life and your story. So dare to be wacky . . . and live a life worth loving!”

We live in one of the greatest places, where learning and education are valued, and we enjoy many freedoms. You are in a great position to combine your inner creativity and wackiness with the opportunity to advance yourself through training and preparation. So follow your dreams, set a few goals, reach for the stars, and plan with purpose. Along the way, you’ll need a little compassion, enthusiasm, and laughter.

As a Pixlcrew member, you can be confident you are among a network of creatives that will not only value, but will also nurture your wackiness!

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Wendee —

Yes, I am wacky and proud of it! I used to think I was weird, but I now realize that weird is my special gift. How dull our world would be if we all were the same!

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