Pixlfest 2015 was a huge success! With 500+ students attending, and over 20 sessions to choose from given by over 30 presenters recognized as experts in the industry, no reason for me to tell you about it, draw upon your own experience and the comm

Countdown to Pixlfest 2015

Get ready for one of the best creative conferences around–developed for students on  a budget who want to gain a competitive edge in creative fields, including Web, Programming, Marketing, Digital Communications, Graphics, Animation, 3D, Special Ef

Add some SPARKLE to the typical Holiday Ho-Hum . . .

Trick or Treating, Costume Contests, Blue & Gold Sales . . . our school year is off to a sizzling start, all because of your participation and support, but the BEST is yet to come.

Is your class the ULTIMATE Class?

Meet McCauley Savage, 3D Animation & Visual FX Student and designer of the ULTIMATE Class Trophy! McCauley is well on his way to becoming a master modeler! As a student of a creative program in the IT building, he is also a member of Pixlcrew! T

Pixlfest – 3D Track Summary

Pixlfest is always a great event, and I am so proud of the effort and pride our students demonstrate in hosting this annual conference. All year students are preparing for their next steps–jobs, college, future success.

Augmented Reality–Our Marketing Revolution

When it comes to technology, we live in very exciting times! Back in the day, cavemen etched their history on the walls, using pictures–a powerful, proven technique for effectively communicating.

3D ecember

3D ecember

It’s that time of the year . . .

Disruptus–Let’s Innovate!

Disruptive Innovation Disruptive Technology Disruptive Thinking Necessity is the mother of invention . . . One of the most powerful ways to innovate is through disruption.

Launch your career by helping others.

Rise to the top . . . by helping others

Everyone works hard to climb the hill and be on top! To reach your personal best, achieve success, and earn the respect of others,  what must happen? Passion and hard work, of course, but  the journey can be eased  through lifting others, help

Find your butterfly!

Life is always SOOOO busy! Work, school, deadlines, events . . . there is never enough time.