Make Summer Time Productive Time

Summer is fast approaching and you are probably wondering what you are going to do with all your free time. More than likely you will have a vacation of some sort and some of you may have a job.

In BPA, You Can Win Either Way!

With the BPA State Leadership Conference just two weeks away, many of you are busy preparing for your competitions – whether it be presentations, speeches, computerized events, etc.

Finals Are On The Way!

Okay, I know we all get tired and really start looking forward to the end of the semester.  Sometimes we start shutting down.

Mixing Your Tracks

…by King Devyn Burke III Mixing is one of the most Essential skills for people looking for a career in music production.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

What would motivate you to get out of your “comfort zone?”  Many of you just completed BPA competition and for many, this was a real stretch.  You may have been encouraged to participate by your instructor or fellow students.


Do You Have a Dream?

We all dream!  But, what do we do to achieve those dreams?  Do they simply seem overwhelming and we don’t even take that first step or do we dive right in, get to work, and then somewhere down the road, run out of gas!  The fact is that somewher

Collaboration in the Workplace

Professionals in any field will emphasize the importance f the skills, expertise, and knowledge that their work requires.

Fuel Your Tank for a Successful Roadtrip!

Get in the Driver’s Seat YOU take control of the wheel and navigate your road to success.  How do you do this, you ask?  Get a map!  Know your options, detours, and points of interest along the way.