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Donuts & Demos!

On a Saturday morning every other month, a local web design and development expert comes in to visit with a group of our students in the Digital Den.

And the Results are In for the Pixlfest 2015 T-shirt

Congrats to Graphic Communications student, Paige Sprague! Her design was selected by the crew to be our 2015 t-shirt design! We had some great designs to choose from! Thanks to all who designed and voted for our shirt!  

Francis Tuttle Students Connor Brauer and Kobe Harris prepare for DECA competition

CTE Skills Help Get Students Hired

Francis Tuttle Pixlcrew students are busy preparing for DECA and BPA competitions.

Vote NOW for the 2015 Pixlfest T-shirt

Our Graphic Communications students have been using their creative juices to come up with some t-shirt designs for the 2015 Pixlfest t-shirt! Now we need the crew to cast their vote on the design they like best! We will all wear these shirts the day

Countdown to Pixlfest 2015

Get ready for one of the best creative conferences around–developed for students on  a budget who want to gain a competitive edge in creative fields, including Web, Programming, Marketing, Digital Communications, Graphics, Animation, 3D, Special Ef

Neill Harmer

NetSuite & Neill

…by Elaine Lains, Web Design & Development Student My Web Design & Development instructor, Christy Whitfield, at Francis Tuttle Technology Center, set up and accompanied me to an interview with Neill Harmer.

IT 2014 T-shirt

Students Collaborate to Earn and Learn

Dream I.T. Do I.T. is the theme of this year’s Francis Tuttle IT t-shirt. After conducting research and brainstorming, marketing students began collaborating with graphic communication students to design the shirt.

Finals Are On The Way!

Okay, I know we all get tired and really start looking forward to the end of the semester.  Sometimes we start shutting down.

What is Typography?

…By Cristi Roberts, Web Design & Development Student Typography is the art of arranging type, and according to Oliver Reichenstein, “Web Design is 95% Typography”!  Most of the information on a website is written, so this makes sense.

McKenzie Gerber on Jenny Rodriguez

Jenny Rodriguez is a junior from Putnam City West. She is 16 and a first year at Francis Tuttle Technology Center. Ms. Rodriguez is in the Graphic Communications department with Mrs. Dinkins as her instructor.