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We all have reason to celebrate this 14th annual celebration of  3December® – the annual worldwide celebration of 3D computer graphics and the artists who create them.

Blue Beanie Day

Blue Beanie Day – Web Design Students support Web Standards

This Friday, you might see a few of the web students and their crazy instructors sporting a blue beanie.

Add ZING! to your Portfolio

Hello, I’m Rayna! I’m a second year student enrolled in the 3D Animation class and major mostly in 2D animation and visual effects. On the side I’m an amateur digital illustrator and comic artist. I mentioned to my instructor, Mrs.

Your Best Teacher

The yoga class was all atwitter – literally, they were all on twitter, because this is the kind of class where, even when they say to leave your phones outside, they don’t – Dave* was gone! Everyone’s favorite teacher, Dave was someone everyone would

Time to crank up the heat!

Mediocrity – [mee-dee-ok-ri-tee] Superiority – [suh-peer-ee-awr-i-tee] Last week, many of our Web and 3D students were challenged to NEVER be satisfied with mediocrity.

How Good Design Works

One of the coolest things about the PixlCrew programs at Francis Tuttle is that each one gives students the opportunity to create real-world products while using both their creative/artistic side and their nerdy computer-loving side.

Hidden Photoshop

What seems to trip people up most in Photoshop is resizing and resampling images.

Pixlfest 2013 will be AWESOME!

Make it awesome!

What do you remember about the last concert or conference you attended? Was it fun? Would you do it again? On March 28, YOU, our Pixlcrew members will be hosting a conference for students across the state.


Show & Tell

Gosh – There might be a little sadness in this post! I am very sad that this is my first and last post as a PixlCrew Instructor!! But knowing the awesome students we have in our creative programs, you will turn this sadness into pure happiness!! A

Orientation Paperwork

Orientation Slum

Have you heard an instructor say, “Here’s a log in, remember this password; Read these rules and sign this policy.