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Blue Beanie Day – Web Design Students support Web Standards

Blue Beanie Day

This Friday, you might see a few of the web students and their crazy instructors sporting a blue beanie. The thought will cross your mind, why so many Blue Beanies? Well it is International Blue Beanie Day 2012!

This is a day to show your support for Web Standards! The Web Community will be taking photos of themselves wearing a Blue Beanie and tweeting and posting on Facebook.

You might wonder what are web standards? Standards make our life easier! The web is not really that old and we are pioneers of the technology. If we start using standards it makes our work compatible with the various browsers. Web professionals work hard to create a stellar site but the intricacies of that also mean making it work in the top browsers, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Not only do we have to worry about that, we also create web pages for multiple devices. It’s a challenging but EXCITING job to create a web site, if standards are followed it makes life a little easier.

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