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Collaboration in the Workplace

Professionals in any field will emphasize the importance f the skills, expertise, and knowledge that their work requires. However, if you have only these skills, but don’t speak favorably or treat others with respect, it’s difficult to develop smooth-running work relationships or persuade others to see the value you have to offer to a project or team. Therefore, developing soft skills is as important as learning any other skill.

Take advantage know of developing and growing your soft skills each day.  According to, the seven soft skills you need to get hired in 2013 are:  listening, adaptability, teamwork, judgment, integrity and work ethic, communication, and a positive demeanor.  So, what do these exactly mean?

  • Listening – Practice actively listening when you talk to people.  Could you repeat most of the details of a conversation you just finished?  If not, work on improving this important skill.
  • Adaptability – No one love change!  But flexibility (with a good attitude) is a valuable skill.  Don’t complain when things don’t go your way—be more flexible!
  • Teamwork – The number one reason employees are let go, is the inability to get along with co-workers.  Practice this skill both inside and outside of work.  Grow your ability to “play well with others.”
  • Judgment – This is a skill that is difficult to teach.  The best way to rate yourself on this might be for you to reflect if this is something you will regret having done.  For example, have you ever posted something on Facebook, sent an e-mail, or said something you wish you could take back.  If so, that is typically because we did not exercise the skill of judgment.  Think before you act.
  • Integrity and work ethic – This is your reputation.  What do others say about you?  Do you see jobs through to completion?  If you do, great, you have a strong work ethic.  If not, think about how you can change?
  • Communication – This is probably the foundation for all other soft skills.  You are “evaluated” on this from the beginning—the old “first impression” piece.  Work on skills such as accurate grammar, articulation when speaking, speak with confidence, and through preparation.
  • Positive demeanor – Are you rude or “nice to be around?”  Don’t be the “Negative Nelly” who no one enjoys being around.  Work on that attitude and look for the positive in everything!

So, which of these do you need to work on?  An honest self-assessment is a good thing to do.  Pick three friends and ask them to evaluate you as well.  Then, get busy!  Work on those soft skills that will make you the most employable!  Good luck!

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Courtland Tirrell Cato —

I agree that you should always work on you attitude and look for the positive in everything!

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Sarah Sturgis —

I really enjoyed this Blog; it included a lot of valuable information that we can all stand to incorporate in our work! For many of us designer/creative types, we can use some improvement when it comes to our teamwork skills. I know I can. These 7 “Soft Skills” are a great reminder of what we should prioritize when we work in a group setting! Great Post!

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