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Community Service Helps Job Search


From collecting cans of food to toys, mittens and money, Francis Tuttle students will be busy this November and December giving to others. Most students just hope to spread holiday cheer, but others know volunteering and community service could lead to a job. Here’s how:

Builds Your Resume
Employers are looking to hire individuals who have expertise in their fields and who live with passion and commitment. Community Service gives you the chance to put classroom skills into action. Service shows employers that a person is committed to working hard as well as to working for the common good.

You Learn New Skills

Volunteering doesn’t have to mean stuffing envelopes or answering phones. You could design a website, organize an event, write fundraising letters, edit publicity materials, or organize the bookkeeping—the list is virtually endless.

You Gain Exposure to New Careers
If you want to switch careers, volunteering is a great way to test the waters to see if it’s really for you. You might get confirmation that you want to make the switch, or you might learn that it’s not what you thought it would be.

Builds Your Network
Volunteer and you’ll now have a whole new group in your network who knows from direct experience with you that you are (hopefully) reliable, competent, and sane. These traits are not to be underestimated on the job market. These people will then be able to vouch for you to others in their own networks.

So volunteer and maybe your gift this holiday season will be landing a new job.
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Josh Green —

Community Service is awesome! However, if you are going out to pick up trash in the parks, then be sure to watch out for ticks!

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Sarah Sturgis

Very good Blog! And so very true 🙂
I really enjoyed this post, thanks!

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Elaine —

Thank you for a list of benefits which show how volunteer work can be a win-win for both the individual and the community. It sounds like you have had experience with volunteer work. It would have been great to read about some of your experiences.

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    Natalie Jordan —

    Yes, I have had experience with volunteering. I once volunteered to do a marketing campaign for a private school. The campaign included a radio spot, post card, and print ads. Those pieces became part of my portfolio and helped me make a leap from TV News to Public Relations and Marketing. I now require my students to volunteer by helping a company with their marketing needs. Volunteering is rewarding in so many ways!

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