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Control your Destiny

As we embark on the final days of our first semester, I encourage you to finish strong!  There is more than enough time left for you to positively impact your grades.  What does it take?  First, take away your excuses!  Don’t allow the things in life in which you have no control over affect the things you can control.  The weather, you can’t control.  Your effort, you can.  Assignments, you can’t control.  Your approach to the assignments, you can.  Deadlines, you can’t control.  Your work ethic toward deadlines, you can.  When you concentrate your efforts on those things that you can control, you’ll see an increase in your productivity.  And when your productivity increases, your progress rate and grade has a greater chance at improving.


Don’t look at the fact that there are only a few days left in class as an excuse to slow your productivity.  Look at it as an opportunity to kick it into gear and finish strong!


The choice is yours!

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Dana Myers —

Great motivation to finish strong!

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