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Disruptus–Let’s Innovate!


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Necessity is the mother of invention . . . One of the most powerful ways to innovate is through disruption. Digital music, Camera phones, and other great inventions are a result of disruptive thinking. Disruptive thinking is looking at an object or idea and coming up with an entirely different way to achieve the same end. It may involve combining ideas, reinventing a tool to meet a unique need, combining parts of tools to serve another purpose–the possibilities are endless.   In the spirit of nurturing innovation and creativity, 3D students were given the following challenges:

  1. Combine elements of a video game controller with elements of a band-aid. What would you invent?
  2. Combine elements of a straw in a glass of drinking water with a plastic coat hanger. What would you invent?

And so it’s your turn–select either challenge designed to inspire creativity and innovation. What would you invent?

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Sarah Sturgis —

Challenge 2:
My Idea…
A hollow, plastic Coat Hanger, created for de-wrinkling (steaming) clothes. It connects to a power outlet, which warms up water that runs through the hollowed out coat hanger, and releases small amounts of steam out of tiny holes in the hanger. This process steams your clothing.
Kind of a silly idea, but it may actually work! A way of steaming/ironing your clothes without having to do anything but plug it in and add a little water. 🙂

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    Christy Sooter

    I would want this!! I hate ironing!! Think you need to work with the 3D class to come up with a model then they could print — then go on Shark Tank to get funding for the idea!! 🙂

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