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Find your butterfly!

Life is always SOOOO busy! Work, school, deadlines, events . . . there is never enough time. If you were asked to identify the one thing in life that makes you happiest–what would your answer be?

Find your butterfly

Find your butterfly


Sometimes we are so busy with life, we forget about our butterflies–those things that make us happiest. Quite often these things are the simplest, easiest to achieve. Happiness is all around us, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Discovering true happiness comes from stopping, slowing down, realizing the little things that are most important. While this may seem frivolous, it’s actually a great investment! Happy people make great employees, PLUS creativity is easiest to attain when you are in a happy place.



This week, in the middle of all the chaos, deadlines, and events:

  • Be still
  • Take time for yourself
  • Spend time alone in nature
  • Identify your butterflies

When I was a little child often I did try
To run until almost out of breath to catch a butterfly.

Happiness is much like that, pursue it as we may,

It often flies just out of reach, and seems to get away.

But sitting in the sun one day when I’d become much older,
A butterfly came flitting past and lit right on my shoulder.
(Author Unknown)



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Mauricio Gonzalez —

Pretty awesome!

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