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Fuel Your Tank for a Successful Roadtrip!

Road tripGet in the Driver’s Seat

YOU take control of the wheel and navigate your road to success.  How do you do this, you ask?  Get a map!  Know your options, detours, and points of interest along the way.  Set your destination and head out with a full tank of gas.  Don’t let detours discourage because there is always another way to reach your destination.  But, do take advantage of the “points of interest” along the way.  Those might include being involved in a leadership position, being active in your student organization here on campus, and competing at the State Leadership Conference this year, just to name a few!

Get your Wheels Turning

Remember, each of us have the opportunity to create our own learning.  Volunteer for “extra” opportunities that are presented to you.   For example, someone in the community may request help on a project for which you are training and preparing!  Step up, what better learning experience than working with an actual client—not to mention the networking it will provide!

Invite Everyone on the Road Trip

Our goal is to get all travelers to their destination—to ensure you are college- and career-ready!  So, invite others to get in your vehicle and travel along!  Collaborate with other students, instructors, industry experts, and even school administrators.  Everyone can and will bring new ideas which will only add support and momentum along the way.  Bring along the family too!  Support from everyone just keeps the tank full!

Fuel your Tank for Peak Performance

Come prepared for the trip!  Bring only the luggage you need to ensure you get the most from your trip.  That should include a good meal, attitude, and willingness to work with others.  Remember to share information you have learned along the way with others—you never know when they will be the driver (boss) in your future roadtrip!

Jump Start your Engine

So, are your bags packed,  roadmap marked?  What are you taking along; where are you headed?

Last but not least—remember, you are in the driver’s seat!  Mark your map (make good decisions), check your mileage (use your time wisely), take advantages of opportunities along the way (scenic turnouts), and you will be on your way to your destination to be college-, career-, and citizen-ready!



*Information taken in part from Oklahoma Academic Standards;

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Scott Woodbury

Couldn’t have said any better myself. I’m ready for the road trip. Thanks for the analogy.

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