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How Good Design Works

One of the coolest things about the PixlCrew programs at Francis Tuttle is that each one gives students the opportunity to create real-world products while using both their creative/artistic side and their nerdy computer-loving side. The fields that our students are working in all require learning solid design principles in order to enhance the videos, animations, graphic design products, and websites they create. Knowing how good design works makes for some impressive products for student portfolios and competition entries.

For this week’s post, I’m going to share a few things that some of the Online Web Design students are working on, and I’m sure that future posts from the other programs will showcase more projects that our PixlCrew students are working on!

Analyzing Design Principles

In the Online Web Design program, some students are working on learning to analyze websites for the design principles that come into play. Here are a few screenshots of an analysis of design elements and principles from student Keiana Cross…

The Original Site

The Site with the 7 Design Elements Labelled

The Site with the 7 Design Principles Labelled

Designing a Web Page

And the three students in the second course in the Web program were assigned to create a 1-page restaurant website in order to learn different layout coding techniques. Click on the screenshots of their awesome designs below to see how the page looks and works in your browser…

By Jana Thomason

By Jerrod Crouch

By William Green

Feel free to browse through our Student Gallery to see what other Web students are up to. 🙂

Want to Be Good at Design?

Learn how good design works by analyzing successful designs in your field. Why and how did the design work? Once you identify what works well in other designs, you can put the good design techniques to work in your own projects. Most important is to DESIGN things! Practice makes perfect.

Keep up the great design work, PixlCrew Creatives!



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