Two Options for Scheduling the Digital Den:

  1. CONTACT JENNIFER RIESS. If you would like to reserve the Digital Den, you are welcome to contact Jennifer Riess and she will enter it into the Basecamp Calendar for you. Jennifer can also let you know of available times. Our plan is also to add an iPad to the iPad stand that is in the Digital Den that will display the Basecamp calendar, so that you can check availability there as well.When you contact Jennifer, let her know how many students will be using the room and whether the event is “open” or “closed”. If it is open, then other small groups will be able to use the room while you are in there. If it is a closed event, then other students will not be allowed to use the room during your scheduled time.
  2. ENTER IT IN BASECAMP YOURSELF. If you would like to reserve the Digital Den by entering your event into the Basecamp calendar, then you need to be added in our Basecamp account. If you aren’t in Basecamp already, please contact Christy Sooter and ask her to add you to Basecamp. Then, follow the directions below.

How to Enter Your Event in the Basecamp Calendar

Log in to Basecamp at

Next, click the Calendar link as shown in the screenshot below. A list of calendars will appear in the left-hand sidebar.



Next, click on the Digital Den Room Calendar as shown in the screenshot below.



The calendar will appear. Click on a day where you’d like to add an event that will take place in the Digital Den. See screenshot below. A form will pop up for you to fill out.




Next, fill in the information needed to reserve the room:

  • Where it says “New Event”, enter the name of your event, followed by either (open) or (closed). Open means that other students can use the room alongside your students. Closed means that you need the room to yourself.
  • Where it says “At what time?”, enter the start time. This will be displayed on the calendar view so people can see it at a glance.
  • Where it says “Add an optional note”, enter the name of the instructor and the time range for your event. See the screenshot below. You may also wish to note how many students will be in the room.

Click the Save Changes button.


That’s it!