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Instructor Holiday Picks

Christmas Gifts under tree

Instructors were asked what they would really like to see under the tree from Santa this year. The BIG question is, do you think your instructors are on the good list for Santa to visit? Well of course they are!

Mr. Duncan, Programming and Software Development said he wants an upgrade to his home computer to a new 4th generation Haswell i5 machine. He already has a 23″ multi touch monitor so he is hoping the elves will install Windows 8.1 on the new machine. He also said he would take an upgrade to his second monitor to a 23″ monitor, but it will not be a multi touch monitor. He wants his home environment to mirror what he has in his classroom. New technology is fun, but it also needs to be practical. I don’t like to have toys that I won’t use or that won’t help me in any way.

Mrs. Gleaves, Audio Video Production said she would love to see an Apple TV under the tree for her. This is a wonderful tool to easily showcase the work of her AWESOME students. But when she wants to take a break from watching her student productions, she can easily tune-in to Netflix. All your iOS devices can easily connect with AirPlay.

Mrs. Jordan, Marketing and Professional Sales said she wants her own secretary! Well there is an app for that! She just might find Donna under her tree!

Mrs. Myers, 3D Animation and Visual Effects wants those elves to get busy and start inventing her gadgets! For starters, in the immediate future, she wants a thin smartphone that wraps around her wrist–not like the Galaxy watch, which has a smaller screen than she would like, but more like a wide slap bracelet. She wants it to transform to different shapes so she can attach it to different surfaces, depending on what’s most convenient for her.

She would also like to use this technology for communicating, teaching, watching movies, games, browsing the Internet, etc. The thin glass should attach to her wall and be easily portable so she can roll it up take it with her–like a yoga mat, using it indoors or outdoors.  Although this technology is emerging, she will probably need to wait a few years for it to be affordable! Or if she is REALLY good Santa might leave it under her tree! The elves might watch these videos to see technology available to help get them started! Example 1 | Example 2

Mrs. Sooter, Web Design and Development has always wanted a standing desk. This desk is a great way to grab the laptop and stand and enjoy the outdoors! Diamonds are a girls best friend, right? Well not exactly diamonds but WAY cooler!

What are you hoping will be delivered under the tree?

Your Pixl Crew instructors are wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and safe Winter Break!



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Natalie Jordan —

Oh, I can’t wait to meet Donna. She and I are going to be very close this new year!! Thank you, thank you! Merry Christmas everyone!

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Sarah Sturgis

The video for “Example 1” under Mrs. Myers’ section was really cool! Great ideas!

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