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Experience Indy Website

Izzy, Jacob, and David were pumped to begin designing the website for BPA, and they were ready to use all of the skills they had learned at Francis Tuttle to create something awesome! The topic: Travel to Indianapolis, Indiana.

They began by taking on the mind set of a tourist, and starting researching Indy. Why should people want to travel to Indianapolis?  What made it such a cool place to visit?

Next, Izzy started to create the visual feel of the website, using style tiles. She started playing with colors and fonts and graphics. Izzy created the logo, and things were starting to come together. In the end, she came up with a beautiful style tile, that was entertaining and inviting, which was exactly the message that the team was trying to get across to tourists.

Now that there was a basic color scheme and some fonts to play around with, it was time to decide on what layout was best for the site. The whiteboard was very helpful, and pretty soon, 5-10 new layout ideas were drawn out.

Jacob and David finally starting digging into code, and began to take what Izzy saw in her mind (and designed in her style tiles), and turned it into an actual website. Jacob used HTML5 for the mark-up, and used CSS3 to style it. David began using PHP and JavaScript to create some cool back-end tools, including a day-to-night style switcher and a trip planner.

Finally, after months of hard work, the website was something that everyone was proud of, and it even won 3rd Place at BPA NLC in Orlando, Florida! Overall, everyone had a blast, learned a lot, and achieved things they couldn’t imagine. Check out their website: Indianapolis, Indiana Final Website

The team has also launched their own company, Purple Tie Design.