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Keeping Up

Anyone working in a technology-filled profession is bound to have noticed how much information is out there and has wondered, how do I keep up? Intuitively, you know that you do need to stay abreast of the trends and changes in your field and maybe even share your own ideas with the world… Let’s look at a few tools that make this easier to do!

codrops_smRecently, I had my students take a look at a site that collects cool news about web design — it’s called Codrops, and they post items that they want to share in Codrops Collectives. If you want to collect your own inspirations related to your field, try creating a pinboard on Pinterest. You may have used Pinterest for other things in the past, but try using it to collect articles on different subjects or inspirational works in your field. You can even create a board that is secret so that you can work on projects confidentially.

evernote_smUse a note-taking app like Evernote to save things on your smart phone that you can then access from any of your other computers and mobile devices. You can take pictures of documents and file them away for reference later, allowing you to toss the pieces of paper and declutter your home or office.

Find a Twitter app that makes following experts in your field fun and easy. Some popular ones are TweetDeck and TweetBot. Hootsuite allows you to plan future tweets and schedule them to be published at times you specify in the future.

flipboardMy students told me about an app that allows users to “read and collect the news they care about, curating their favorite stories into their own magazines on any topic imaginable.” It’s called Flipboard.  You’re basically creating a virtual magazine that has all the kinds of articles in it that you want to read! You can then share your magazine with others or subscribe to other people’s magazines. This is a great way to search for the latest and greatest articles, blogs, etc. and have them piped directly to you so that you can read them when you want to.

Try out these tools and see if you can make them simplify and organize your life… What tools do you use? We’d love to hear about them! Comment below to share your favorite tools that help you to keep up…


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Brehonna Franklin —

Those sound like some really interesting tools. I’m definitely going them!

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Sarah Sturgis —

I frequently utilize Pinterest and Evernote to brainstorm and organize a lot of my ideas. I find both apps very helpful!
However, I was not familiar with ‘Flipboard’ nor ‘Codrops Collective’ prior to reading this Blog Article. I especially like the idea of creating your own, personal magazine including all your favorite articles and news events. And it sounds like it’s probably a great way to continue learning new things, and keep your Web Design skills fresh and innovative.
Thanks for the excellent Blog!

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