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Let’s do the Shuffle

With a new year starting here at Francis Tuttle, there has been some shuffling going on. One thing many returning students may have noticed would be the new room arrangements. Web Design and Development has moved to the ground level and have nice windows to influence their coding! Those coders need some fresh scenery every now and then!  With that move, 3D animation has been able to expand the program to 27 students and has added an Instructional Assistant!  Marketing and Entrepreneurship have joined the east end of the building, stop in and say hi!  They also have something foreign to most of us at that end of the building… PC’s!  The Graphic Communications programs are currently displaced waiting on their new area to be completed.  Paint was going on the walls this week, so hopefully soon!

Have you shuffled through any new curriculum yet?  Are you excited to do so?!  Adobe has some new features worth a shuffle or two!  Post some new features in the comments!

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Christy Sooter

WDD is loving the shuffle! Beautiful scenery inspires us — we didn’t know what it was like to see outside! Although we miss the opportunity to remind 3D students that we are the BEST class on campus!

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    Dana Myers —

    Talk is cheap! 3D Students will BRING IT this year!!! Just try to keep up 🙂

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      Christy Sooter —

      Excited! Can’t wait to see the MONSTER skills they develop this year!! Oh and we will keep up….not having to walk those stairs every day gives us more energy to do so! 🙂

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Scott Woodbury —

It sounds like somebody can’t handle the truth, Christy…LOL. All jokes aside, the best of success to the 3D and WDD students. I like the shuffle myself, as I enjoy being on the ground level and working with the new machines.

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Natalie Jordan —

Marketing loves the shuffle and can’t wait to create with students in other Pixl Crew programs!

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    nathan W. —

    I wish we could have chosen a better name for it. However I am interested to see what will happen in the next few months.

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Sarah Sturgis —

I am a big fan of the new Web Design & Development room overlooking the lake, as well as the setup of our new Macs & stations in our new classroom! I agree that nice scenery and natural light is inspiring for the design process 🙂 This new ‘shuffle’ is definitely a plus!

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Drake Katter —

I’m in the Marketing program and i cant wait to see how everything goes.

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