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Make it awesome! Dynamic Pixlfest conference on the horizon

What do you remember about the last concert or conference you attended?

Was it fun?

Would you do it again?

Pixlfest 2013 will be AWESOME!On March 28, YOU, our Pixlcrew members will be hosting a conference for students across the state. Now is your chance to make sure participants have a great experience that will leave them with a good impression. Many of you have taken on the challenge of branding Pixlfest 2013. The branding project might include the following:

  • Pixlfest logo
  • conference trailers
  • website
  • animations, trivia, and/or fun facts to show during breaks
  • social media campaign
  • Pixlfest t-shirt
  • flyers

These are all ideas–it is up to the team to determine how they will brand the conference.  In December they will pitch their idea and showcase their collateral pieces to industry experts, who will select the best campaign.

This project was recommended by our Pixlcrew members last year, because they wanted a challenge that would enable them to gain valuable experience and fill their portfolios with samples that aligned to actual industry projects.

Have you met with your team and started your project? Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 19 and this would be your time to brainstorm, try out some ideas, and get your plans into action. If you need emails or contact information for anyone on your team, let your instructor know.

Many students across the state are looking forward to Pixlfest 2013–make it an awesome experience they will remember!

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Janet Harris —

Looking forward to see all the creative branding.

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