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PixlCrew Represents at State Leadership Conference

DECA an BPA State Winners

There has been a lot of hustle and bustle and stress this quarter as students were busy preparing for DECA and BPA State Conferences. This is a highlight for many students because they get to measure their skills with those across that state in the same programs they are taking! It is a time to shine and showcase what you have been learning this year!

Our students did shine!! We had great results! 40 Pixl Crew students ranked 1st or 2nd and are eligible to advance to National Competition. DECA Competition is April 25-28 in Orlando, FL! BPA Competition is May 6-10 in Anaheim, CA!

DECA Results

1st Place:

  • Selling – Maddie Klearman

2nd Place

  • Advertising Campaign Team – Kobe Harris and Conner Brauer
  • Innovation Plan – Ce Ce Agbor-Kima

3rd Place:

  • Learn and Earn Team – Joe Nardini, Jacob Marks and Austin Howerton

BPA Results

1st Place:

  • S SQL Database Fundamentals – Sam Doss
  • S Computer Programming Concepts – Joseph Allen
  • S Fundamental Desktop Publishing – Olivia Brushwood
  • S Computer Modeling – Addison Souter
  • S Website Design Team – Nate Wade, Logan Gassett, Collin Hertensen and Leo Shephard
  • S Broadcast News Production Team – Alex Walkup, Chandler Beath, Emily Greathouse and Paul Wolf
  • S Presentation Management – Individual – Caitlyn Shepherd
  • PS Fundamental of Desktop Publishing – Yadira Cruz
  • PS Digital Publishing – Chelsea Juarez
  • PS Digital Media Production – Matthew Renfro
  • PS Computer Modeling – Robin Williams
  • PS Video Production Team – Team 2: Keveion Johnson, King Burke III, Logan LaQuerre and Victoria Sattler
  • PS Website Design Team – Jared Brashears, Chris Clear and Qazi Islam

2nd Place:

  • S Digital Publishing – Logan Gassett
  • S Computer Modeling – Curtis Wilson
  • PS Digital Publishing – Benjamin Russell
  • PS Digital Media – Hannah Patterson
  • PS Computer Modeling – John Moore
  • PS Video Production Team – Team 1: Brandon Blair, Cameron Satterlee, Danny Goe andWilson McDonald
  • PS Computer Animation Team – Team 1: Anthony Jones, Josh Clark, McCauley Savage and Taylor Channel

3rd Place:

  • S Visual Basic/ C# Programming – Joseph Allen
  • S Graphic Design Promotion – Olivia Brushwood
  • S Digital Publishing – Tiana Lukas
  • S Computer Modeling – Kirsten Kolb
  • PS SQL Database Fundamentals – Kena Pechacek
  • PS Fundamentals of Web Design – Rick Shaw
  • PS Digital Publishing – Alejandro Vara
  • PS Computer Modeling – Grace Edmonson
  • PS Computer Animation Team – Team 2: Brandy Williams, Cassandra Boneau, Keaton Huckabee and Melody Wade

Congrats to all and we can’t wait to see how you do at Nationals!!

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Sherri Gleaves —

A great showing my all students involved in contests! Congratulations to each and everyone! May your experience grow you personally and professionally.

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