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Pixlcrew students SHINE at BPA SLC!


Anaheim2If you haven’t heard yet, our Pixlcrew students made an OUTSTANDING showing at the Business Professionals of America and DECA state leadership conferences in all ways–academics, skills, and behavior! Below are the results of those who placed in the Top 3:









First Place–eligible to advance to national competition

  • Nabil Soulane | Visual Basic Programming
  • Michal Kegel | Visual Basic Programming
  • Matthew Hester | Broadcast News Production Team
  • Matthew Renfro | Broadcast News Production Team
  • Edith Hernandez | Digital Media Production
  • Brandon Kuon | Broadcast News Production Team
  • Landon Reeves | Broadcast News Production Team
  • Rayna Behl | Computer Animation Team
  • Sloan Dowling | Computer Animation Team
  • Julio Hernandez | Computer Animation Team
  • Nabeel Jamal | Computer Animation Team AND Presentation Management – Individual
  • Jonathan Eldridge | Computer Modeling
  • Westin Hacker | Broadcast News Production Team
  • Tommy Eldridge | Broadcast News Production Team
  • Heidi Hernandez | Digital Media Production
  • Susan Simkins | Fundamentals of Web Design
  • David Wolf | Website Design Team AND Fundamentals of Web Design
  • Elizabeth Hadden | Website Design Team
  • Jacob Presley | Website Design Team
  • Nathan Williams | Fashion Merchandising Promotional Plan
  • Drake Katter | Learn and Earn
  • Kattie Leonard | Learn and Earn

Second Place–also eligible to advance to national competition

  • Connor Galmore | Broadcast News Production Team
  • Carl White | Broadcast News Production Team
  • Whitley Johnson | Broadcast News Production Team
  • Darby McConnell | Broadcast News Production Team
  • Julio Hernandez | Computer Modeling
  • Ellen Taylor | Computer Modeling
  • Alex White | Broadcast News Production Team
  • Natasha Martin | Computer Programming Concepts
  • Jason Kaplan | Website Design Team
  • Susan Simkins | Website Design Team
  • Aroon Thengthongnak | Website Design Team
  • Alana Grimaud | Professional Selling

Third Place – made the platform, received hardware, and made us proud as well!

  • Melody Wade | Fundamental Desktop Publishing
  • Andrew Robertiello | Visual Basic Programming
  • Haniyyah Abdul-Latif | Video Production Team
  • Edith Hernandez | Video Production Team
  • Travis Warren | Video Production Team
  • David Haddock | Computer Animation Team
  • Eugene Hobza | Computer Animation Team
  • Baylee Thomas | Computer Animation Team
  • Christopher Pickens | Digital Media Production
  • Olivia Newcomb | Video Production Team
  • Joseph Wilcots | Video Production Team
  • Baylor Wilson | Video Production Team
  • Stephanie Rasch | Fundamentals of Web Design
  • Misael Martinez | International Business

AND 29 others were finalists, placing in the top 10–specific placement results will be announced later. BPA students will be attending nationals in Orlando, Florida; DECA students will be attending nationals in Anaheim, California.

It’s true–Passion, Imagination, and eXcitement will Launch Creatives Ready for the Workforce–or in this case, state competition!  It’s a great time to be a member of our Pixlcrew!

Great job by all, and special thanks Wendee Roberts for helping our members prepare and to all who participated in BPA/DECA fundraisers to help fund some of the costs so 2nd place winners can have an opportunity to participate in national competition.  GO TEAM!!!


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Wendee —

Wow!!!! We are awesome!!!!!! Thanks to you, wonderful teachers, for all that you do for me and our students. I can’t wait to practice for nationals!!!! Florida, here we come!

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