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Pixlfest 2015 was a huge success! With 500+ students attending, and over 20 sessions to choose from given by over 30 presenters recognized as experts in the industry, no reason for me to tell you about it, draw upon your own experience and the comments of several others!

First, check out the Awesome Sketchnotes!  taken by some members of the 3D Animation & Visual FX class.

And then check out some of the most popular tweets:

Who you are. What you’re doing. And WHY you’re doing it. All important parts of making a businessPixlfest2015 plan.

Hey!“: In a session about interviewing techniques with & several star-struck students.

Graphic designer resume should include basics and design – not just MS Word – show your skills

has been great today! Tons of kids and adults learning about design and marketing. Portfolio reviews. . .

Eric Lee show people your work, find your audience, feed the trolls! Don’t listen to everybody, hear people’s honest opinions.

Differentiate yourself from other entrepreneurs.

Glad to be attending with six of my students and going through the track.

Working on my presentation for . It’s nice to dust off my skills.

Great day at yesterday! Thanks for creating this awesome event at

Central Tech Interactive Media students had a great time at PixlFest today! Thank you to FT staff, students and guest speakers!

Great speakers! Great advice! Great day! thank you

As promised, Pixlfest DELIVERED! Thanks to all the teachers and students who hosted this conference–you should take great pride in mission accomplished! This experience may even come in handy some time when an interviewer asks you to share an example about a time when . . .

And now just around the corner, before you blink too many times . . . suggestions and ideas for Pixlfest 2016?

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