Category: Web Design & Development

Sol3 Tech

Sol3 Tech

Last fall, the Best Class on Campus (which is Web Design and Development, in case you were unaware) was asked to participate in a web design competition for Business Professionals of America.

Crescent website designed by Susan Simkins

City of Crescent Websites

Susan was excited to start one of her first real world projects for the city of Crescent, Oklahoma.

Experience Indy Website

Experience Indy

Izzy, Jacob, and David were pumped to begin designing the website for BPA, and they were ready to use all of the skills they had learned at Francis Tuttle to create something awesome! The topic: Travel to Indianapolis, Indiana.

Natasha Martin Portfolio

Out Loud Designs

This was a really fun site to create because Natasha had a completely blank slate to start from and use what she’s learned in the Francis Tuttle program to design and develop the site.

Michael Brooks Discography Project


Michael created this website using his HTML and CSS skills. The website is responsive, meaning it is mobile friendly.