And the Winner Is…..

Congrats to Carla, Eugene, Bridget, and Nabeel for their work on PixlFest branding collaboration project. Carla and Bridget are Graphic Communication students and Eugene and Nabeel are 3D Animation and Visual Effects students.

Ready for the Challenge?

The crew brainstormed and decided to tackle a competition real-world project this year! Here were the decisions that they made:

  • Teams will be formed. Everyone that wants to participate will put their name in their programs bucket. A name will be drawn from each bucket and that will be the team. Online and high school students are also eligible to participate on the teams.
  • The teams will create the branding for PixlFest 2013. This might include, logo, website, animations to show during speakers, social media campaign, t-shirt, flyers, etc. It is up to the team to determine how they will brand the conference. Then in December they will pitch their idea and showcase their collateral pieces to industry experts.
  • Industry Experts will select the best campaign. In January we will launch the winning teams ideas and begin promoting Pixlfest 2013.

This is an EXCELLENT way to work with others and produce an excellent portfolio item. View last year’s PixlFest website.


  • Zoe Hayes (GC)
  • Ellen Taylor (3D)
  • Deana DuPree (AVP)
  • Aaron Ballard (3D)
  • Daniel Kline (WDD)
  • Taylor Channel (GC)
  • Carl White (AVP)
  • Carla Lindahl (GC)
  • Eugene Hobza (3D)
  • Bridget Cannon (GC)
  • Nabeel Jamal (3D)

Entry 1

Entry #1. Submitted by Zoe Hayes


Entry 2

Entry #2. Submitted by Daniel Kline


Entry 3

Entry #3. Submitted by Eugene Hobza