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READY…SET…GO!!! Preparing for your internship

Well it’s the second semester and you have good attendance, have proven work ethic, and have mastered the curriculum, but now what?  It’s time to start planning for that next step…an internship.  Internships can be the best educational opportunities or they can be the biggest waste of time ever.

There are some things you might want to know before you start your internship:

  1. Do some research on the company.  Know what services they offer and their clientele.
  2. Understand what an internship is.  It should be a learning opportunity, which will provide you experience, keeping in mind menial tasks may be required.
  3. Listen more than talk.  Remember you are there to learn from them, so do your job and do it well, no matter how boring.  You will be rewarded with doing more advanced and interesting tasks.
  4. Observe how others act and dress. Always show up early for work and meetings.  This will be noticed and perhaps may be considered, if there is an opportunity for employment.
  5. Put you cell phone away.  Know and abide by the rules of the company you are interning with!
  6. Work is much different than school.  If you make a mistake at school it will affect your grade.  If you make a mistake at work, it affects everyone you work with and the company, as a whole.  If you make a mistake, don’t cover it up, tell you supervisor and take care of it immediately.
  7. Be sure to ask your supervisor occasionally how you are doing and how you can improve.  It shows interest.
  8. Dress appropriately for the business.  Pay attention to what other’s wear.  Dress for the part you want to be, not the part you are.
  9. Know what you expect from this internship.  Is it to gain experience with the equipment?  Is it to network with people in the industry?  Is it to observe? Is it all of the above?  If so, let your supervisor know what you are interested in doing.
  10. Be sure to express your gratitude with a simple thank you!  Everyone wants to know they are appreciated!

Hope this helps as your plan for your next educational opportunity!

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