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Rise to the top . . . by helping others

Launch your career by helping others.

Launch your career by helping others soar!

Everyone works hard to climb the hill and be on top! To reach your personal best, achieve success, and earn the respect of others,  what must happen? Passion and hard work, of course, but  the journey can be eased  through lifting others, helping THEM soar!

By empowering and inspiring others,  you will discover that your spirit is contagious. Soon, you will be part of a positive community that grows through sharing. You will find that your climb to the top of the mountain is much more manageable, even enjoyable. After all, happiness is often about the journey much more than the destination.

Pixlcrew is all about everyone helping each other rise to the top! Throughout your journey at Francis Tuttle, you have an opportunity to meet and network with other creatives, provide positive feedback through constructive criticism, build lifelong friendships–even partnerships, and help each other soar.

Recently, Pixlcrew members  hosted Pixlfest, and invited other creative students across our state to join us. Through this conference we were able to share the experience of our journey to soar to the top by spending a day with professionals from industry. Donations were also accepted accepted on behalf of Child’s Play, an organization that seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals around the world through the kindness and generosity of the video game industry and the power of play. Together, we purchased a Godzilla and Friends Color Yourself Velvet Poster, a Kleancolor Neon Nail Lacquer – Candy Cast – Mini Collection, and the Madden NFL 13 video game that was on the wish list of The Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma.

Launch your journey to the top by launching others!

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