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Show & Tell

Gosh – There might be a little sadness in this post! I am very sad that this is my first and last post as a PixlCrew Instructor!! But knowing the awesome students we have in our creative programs, you will turn this sadness into pure happiness!!

All of your instructors are extremely proud of YOU and your HARD WORK!! A goal of is to feature and highlight your BEST work! As you know some of your projects take a lot of time to complete and might not be featured on the site until they are finished. Well, I will want to know all the AWESOME projects you guys and gals are working on — and so does everyone else!! #showandtellWhat better way to share your work than Show & Tell!

Every Friday, let’s have Show & Tell! Snap a pic of what you are working on and then post on Twitter! Make sure to use the hash tag #showandtell so that everyone in PixlCrew can follow your projects and me too! This is our own version of dribbble but for students. So this Friday, my last day as an instructor, I can’t wait to see all your projects! I will walk out the door in pure happiness seeing all the creative things you are working on! Who knows, make this a habit and it will be pretty cool to see what you are working on when you land a job!!

I also want to share this video with you, it’s very inspiring and I can wait to see how many people you meet in PixlCrew and what you create with them this year. Share your passion!

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This would be a great way to see what projects everybody’s working on after they complete the program if they continue to use this hashtag – or maybe #showandtellFTgrads for the veterans so we don’t interfere with student posts 🙂

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Kristen Harris

I love this video! I even showed it to my own children. Watch it!!

I will share this hashtag to my students too so that they can Show and Tell on Fridays! Great idea, Christy!

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Janet Harris —

Awesome video. I will share it with the AVP students.

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