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Success in the Real World!

Jenny Lu is a Success

Jenny Lu was a high school student in the Web Design and Development Program from 2006-2008. Now several years later she is a successful Web professional. She is currently employed at Elias/Savion Advertising in Pittsburgh. You can view her portfolio, but she said she doesn’t have a lot of time to keep it current since she is working. Jenny shares a little about her journey and tips for those wanting to be in this field. Many of the tips she shares work for all of the students in the PixlCrew.

Starting out

When I was in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to major in at college until I begin the Web Design & Development program at Francis Tuttle. I started out knowing nothing about the web  and left receiving national web design awards (pictured above). I am very grateful to have attended Francis Tuttle Technology Center; it prepped me for college and lead me to where I am today as a Web Designer.

Going to College

College is difficult and requires enthusiasm and motivation to graduate. During my years in college, I saw many individuals who dropped out and those who still remain jobless after graduation. I feel very fortunate to have had a previous web education that enabled me to be one step ahead of everyone else. I was also able to intern at one of the largest agencies in Pittsburgh because of my experience and skills.

Working in the field

Jenny's Workspace as a Web Professional.I really enjoy working in the field, I get to meet awesome people and become a better developer/designer everyday. I believe I have learned more working in the field for a year, than all my college years combined.

As technology advances everyday, it is essential that we keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and skills in the industry. Everyday, whether it is for a project or just for pleasure, I spend hours reading and researching the latest information about web technology.

Another great skill to have is the ability to figure things out by yourself. As you receive new projects, you may not have all the required skills to complete the work; therefore being able to research and learn the new information yourself will help you succeed in this industry.


  • Fill out your Linked In portfolio – this is how I got my current job
  • Go to conferences or workshops – they allow you to see things from a different perspective
  • Understand what you are coding – you will find it beneficial for future projects

Websites that I’ve worked on:

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