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The Digital Den!



Need a place to meet with a small group about a team project? Or a place to gather with your class for a critique or code review? Look no further than our Digital Den! Featuring a comfy couch, versatile tables that can be rearranged for many occasions, a standing table, and floor seating, the Den is a cozy spot to hang out in and bounce ideas off of one another.

Students in our building can now use the Den during lunch hours — just be sure to keep the space tidy and no eating while sitting on the couch.:)

Let us know how YOU like to use the Digital Den, so we can be inspired… Also, what else would you like to see us add to the Den? Post your Wishlist items below!


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Westin Hacker

It’s probably the best place in the building for a creative brainstorming session.

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Nathan Wade

I’ve used the Digital Den on several occasions now, for a variety of purposes such as presentations, brainstorming, or simply a place for my class to have a gathering and show off each other’s websites.

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