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Time to crank up the heat! One extra degree of effort and make all the difference

  • Mediocrity – [mee-dee-ok-ri-tee]
  • Superiority – [suh-peer-ee-awr-i-tee]

Last week, many of our Web and 3D students were challenged to NEVER be satisfied with mediocrity. Webster’s Dictionary defines mediocrity as “unsatisfactory; poor; inferior; low-quality; and second-rate”; the opposite of Excellence and Superiority.

How do you approach life? What is your attitude when you complete projects that will be used in your portfolio? What are the results? What is your attitude when you are learning a new skill that is challenging and sometimes frustrating?

How important to you are building relationships and earning respect?

What work ethic do you demonstrate in your approach towards time in class?

Each day we make a choice to approach life with mediocrity or excellence.

If you take only 5 extra minutes of break each day, or start working 5 minutes after the first bell, or stop working 5 minutes before the last bell—just 5 minutes a day—you are sacrificing 25 minutes each week, 225 minutes each quarter, and 900 minutes in a school year—that adds up to quite a bit! Likewise, if you INVEST 5 extra minutes each day perfecting a skill, building a relationship, or making an improvement, that also adds up—15 hours, or one additional week each school year.

It’s time to crank up the heat,  often one degree of effort can make all the difference. Check out these results, below.

Turn up the heat and go the extra degree

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