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Unexpected Rewards

cuddelybabyIn life, there are most often consequences from our behavior. We hope we can avoid negative consequences, but we enjoy the rewards from persevering and doing the right thing. As an instructor, I enjoy seeing students excel in the classroom and seeing students solving problems and creating programs to implement solutions to these problems. I also enjoy seeing them being rewarded for their efforts with good jobs. Disciplined perseverance in the classroom carries over into life.

I have taught Bible classes in church for over 40 years. Many times during those years of teaching, individuals from the nursery would come to my class and ask if anyone would be willing to come and help out in the nursery. I was always pleased when my class members were willing to help, but I was never able to volunteer since I was teaching. This last summer, I decided to take a hiatus from teaching, and my wife and I decided to help in the nursery during the Bible study hour. Since then I have worked with every age from bed babies to three year olds. I have enjoyed these experiences, although at times your patience can be tested trying to keep every child happy and trying to calm the separation anxiety of certain children who are not used to being away from their mother and father.

This last Sunday I was asked to help with bed babies. I don’t do diapers, but I do enjoy helping with the bed babies. Usually, working with bed babies involves changing diapers, feeding them a bottle, rocking them to sleep, or keeping them from crying. This Sunday, I had the unexpected pleasure of rocking one very cuddly baby to sleep. I am a sucker for cuddly babies, so I made this my job for the entire hour. My wife changed diapers and tended to the other three babies while I enjoyed this one cuddly child. I was able to enjoy this experience because I had volunteered to work with any group I was asked to work with based on the needs on any given Sunday.

Our students may not get the perfect job when they finish a program at Francis Tuttle, and they may be asked to do assignments that are not the most rewarding or fulfilling. If they approach every assignment with the same level of dedication and perseverance, they will eventually be rewarded. It is hard to see that when you are just trying to complete an unpleasant assignment or to do a task that you feel is below your level of preparation. It is times like this that test your perseverance, attitude, and resolve. It is also times like this that set you up for your most enjoyable rewards.

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