1. Is it better for students to build a theme for a CMS from the ground up (i.e. build a static site and inject the PHP and other coded needed to turn it into a theme) or is it better to start with a smart bare bones starter theme and customize the template files and CSS etc.?
  2. If you use a CMS (Online students use WordPress), and you have a bare bones starter theme that is made by WordPress experts and optimized for use in WordPress with a grid and that pulls in scripts, etc., does it make any sense to try to use Bootstrap in that setting? Or is Bootstrap mainly good for getting stand-alone sites going? I see a lot of WordPress themes and tutorials for building themes on Bootstrap, and I’m wondering how useful that is.
  3. Any pointers on website security?… For WordPress, I’ve read about Firewalls like CloudFlare or Incapsula? Scans that look for damage and clean up the mess: Securi and VaultPress?
  4. What guidelines do you have for caching?
  5. In the 2nd course, after students read Ethan Marcotte’s book on Responsive Design, they design a site on a responsive grid. I used to direct them to the 1140 grid if they didn’t want to do their own. Now that it is no longer being recommended by its own creator, I’m looking for another grid that is simple enough for newbies to dig into — not sure Bootstrap is simple enough… Any recommendations?
  6. When and how do you use wireframes? Are they coded, working prototypes or an image? What do you use to create them? Has responsive design changed how you use these?
  7. In what kinds of positions and in what kinds of settings/companies can students expect to be asked to create pixel-perfect coded sites based on a PSD mockup? I recently had a student interview for a position who was asked to complete a code challenge like this.
  8. What deliverables do you typically have for your clients?…
  9. What do you think about OOCSS? (Nicole Sullivan. Also SMACSS by Jonathan Snook)
  10. When should students be introduced to LESS or SASS?
  11. Does anyone recommend HTML5 Boilerplate?
  12. What project management solutions do you use?
  13. What parts of Photoshop should web designers be well-versed in? Is it different for freelancers?
  14. How important are “side projects”? Github or contributing to other open-source projects in  your specialty area?